Kombo.io is another great .io game. As most of these casual multiplayer games, it has simple controls, and a simple goal. In the game, you control a white circle and need to shoot other players' circles. To be able to shoot, you need to pick up colored dot ammo that is scattered around. You only have 1 bullet at a time, and after you shoot it, you need to pick up another one. After your bullet hits an enemy, it creates a chain reaction. It kills the enemy that you hit, and then your bullet splits into 3 directions; any other player that comes in contact is killed and the bullet splits even further. Try to make combos by killing multiple players at once or kill another player very quickly. You are playing a set of 10 games and your score in this set is accumulated. Go make that combo and dominate the leaderboard!


Kombo.io is developed by a French developer named Nicolas Mercier.



  • Move by using your mouse
  • Shoot by clicking left mouse button
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