Hextris is a challenging and intriguing puzzle game in which you must try and stack a series of different colored blocks in a hexagonal formation. To make the blocks disappear, you must match three together of the same color – once you have matched three together, they will disappear. Continue to match the shapes together to prevent them from stacking up and blocking the screen.

You can rotate the blocks and move them around before they land but you must be quick otherwise you will end up placing them in the wrong location. As you progress the tiles start to approach quicker so you must move even faster and think in a matter of seconds! What high score can you register? Can you conquer Hextris?

Release Date

August 2014


Logan Engstrom and Garrett Finucane developed Hextris.


  • Addicting and fast-paced puzzle game
  • A good combination of Tetris and match-3 gameplay
  • 4 block colors
  • Rotatable hexagonal in the middle


This game is a web browser game (desktop and mobile). We also have the Android version.



Use AD or left/right arrow to rotate.
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