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Galaxystrife is a superb multiplayer shooter game based in space! The galaxy has been torn apart by war and you must control a giant spacecraft and vie for power against other players.

You must move your ship through space and past dangerous objects such as debris and asteroids. Jump into combat and try to eliminate the other ships using your different weapons. Can you thrive whilst the galaxy burns?

Release Date

April 2019


Daniel Vyskoc developed Galaxystrife.


  • Multiplayer spaceship battle game
  • Various weapons, for example, a machine gun, plasma orbs, sniper rifle, and homing missle
  • Simple 2D graphics
  • Playable in fullscreen
  • Bots to play with


Web browser


Controls are very simple. Just press left mouse button to shoot. Use the mouse to move. The spaceship follows the cursor. Put cursor inside circle around your ship to move slower and make sharper turns.