Use your computer to play Or try one of the games below! is a fun multiplayer game in which you must control and grow your very own inter-galactic snake! This game takes inspiration from other popular .io multiplayer games such as Little Big Snake and provides fun and challenging arena gameplay.

Before you enter the arena, choose the model and color of your snake and prepare for battle! You must move around the map and collect different colored gems to increase the size of your snake. Try to avoid contact with other snakes otherwise they could absorb your body and eliminate you from the playing field! You can shoot colored balls at your opponents to try and cut their bodies in half – be careful though as this diminishes your own snakes’ length! Can you conquer the galactic snake arena?

Release Date

January 2018


  • You can customize the snake's colors
  • Minimap to see the location of the snakes
  • Dark background in which make certain snake's colors blend with it

Platform is a web browser game.


  • Control the movement with your mouse
  • Left click to shoot
  • Right click to boost speed