Dungo.io is a fun multiplayer action game in which you need to eliminate other players and become the last man standing. The game played within a maze full of twists and turns, navigate quickly around them and locate the other players. You must try to eliminate them by dropping a large ball and crushing them.

You can summon the ball and the direction that it rolls in. Try to crush your opponents without getting crushed yourself. You can use your ball to block your opponent's balls, but it will wipe both of them out. Last man standing wins! Have fun!


  • Be prepared after summoning a ball, because it can crush you
  • Set your ball's direction correctly
  • Run away if you see a rolling ball, it can instantly eliminate you
  • You can escape a falling ball by summoning another ball; they will collide with each other and exploded

Release Date

October 2018


Cem Demir made Dungo.io.


  • Fast-paced gameplay with a survival element
  • 3 map locations to play
  • Easily summon a heavy rolling ball
  • Easy controls
  • A random character to play


Web browser



  • Use WASD to move the character
  • Press space bar to summon a heavy ball
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