Bouncy Run!

Bouncy Run is the addictive arcade game in which you must fly through the air landing on platforms to travel as far as you can and beat your high score. As your bouncy ball flies through the air you must use the slam function which is controlled through the left click on the mouse to make the ball bounce and continue to travel.

Be careful of when you slam though as there are a limited number of platforms and if you miss them you will plummet into the ocean. These become more and more sparse as you travel further within the game making it even more difficult to get high scores. Good Luck!

Release Date

The initial release date of the game was April 2018 (for mobile). The web version is available since May 2018.


Bouncy Run was made by MadJoh.


  • Arcade-platformer game
  • Timing and precision are important factors
  • Collectible crystals
  • Free gifts
  • Buyable new ball models


  • Web browser
  • Android
  • iOS



Left click to make the ball fall down.
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