Battlegrounds 2D (.io)

Battlegrounds 2D is a fantastic top-down multiplayer battle royale game. You must jump down onto the map and move around to pick up weapons and armor. You must also fight against other players and try to be the last player standing!

You must also look for the danger zone as this steadily closes in and reduces the playing area - if you stray into the danger zone you will lose health. The graphics are awesome, and the battle royale gameplay is intense - can you be the last man standing?

Release Date

February 2019


Karge Software made Battlegrounds 2D (.io).


  • Various weapons to use
  • 2D graphics with a top-down camera view
  • Changeable player's color
  • Smooth physics


This game is a web browser game. It is also available on Steam.


  • WASD to move
  • 1234 to switch weapon
  • LMB to shoot
  • R to reload
  • 7 to use a bandage
  • 8 to use a medkit
  • 9 to drink a cola
  • 0 to use a painkiller
  • Q or X to quick use medical item
  • F to use
  • Tab or I to open/close inventory
  • M to open/close map
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