Adversator is an amazing 3D game that has MOBA elements. This is a multiplayer battle that pits you against different foes – you must choose from one of several different heroes to fight with.

You can then push out and hunt the different creatures that roam the map – use whatever you find to purchase new equipment and make your hero stronger! Can you conquer your enemies and successfully destroy the enemy's base?

Release Date

The game was initially released in September 2014 and was updated in April 2019.


Adversator is made by Paradoks Studio.


  • Beautiful 3D graphics
  • Inspired by famous titles, such as Defense of the Ancients (DotA) and League of Legends
  • Three hero types: Agility, Strength, and Intelligence
  • Account system to track progress
  • Buyable items and equipment
  • Playable in fullscreen


Web browser


NOTE: The game takes a while to load. Please try to refresh if you are stuck during the loading progress.


  • Right-click to move
  • AZERTY/QWERTY to use an item
  • Arrow keys to move the camera
  • C to lock the camera
  • Space bar to focus camera
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